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GM1356 Digital Sound Level Meter Sensor

GM1356 Digital Sound Level Meter Sensor

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This equipemnt has been designed to meet the measurement requirement of safety engineers, health, industrial environment, which include factory, traffic, family baby's living room, wind farms, sports stadium, airport, urban, city noises and audio system.

It is an advance environmental noise monitoring system, monitors environment noise from a singal station to a mutiple stations.


  • Calibration sound source: 94dB@1KHz    
  • Measurement range: 30~130dBA、35~130dBC    
  • Accuracy: ±1.5dB(reference sound pressure standard,94dB@1KHz)
  • Frequency response: 31.5Hz~8.5KHz    
  • Resolution: 0.1dB    
  • Measuring level: 30 to 80 , 50 to 100, 60 to 110,80 to 130, 30 to 130
  • Dynamic range: 50dB/100dB    
  • Overload indication: OVER / UNDER    
  • Frequency weighting characteristic: A and C    
  • Digital display: 4 digits    
  • Analogy bar graph: 1dB/1 bar graph    
  • Sampling rate FAST: 8times/second;SLOW:2times/second    
  • AC signal output: 4Vrms/ full bar graph, output impedance is about 600 ohm
  • PWM signal output: Duty cycle =0.01X db value/3.3 x 100%     
  • Dynamic characteristic: FAST(high speed)/SLOW(low speed)    
  • Calendar accuracy: ±30seconds/day    
  • Data storage quantity: 4700    
  • The maximum value holding: MAX    
  • Auto power off: 10 minutes without operation    
  • Micro phone: 1/2inch polarization capacitance microphone    
  • Power supply: 6V (4PCS 1.5V Alkline battery)    
  • Dimension: 70x35x256mm    
  • Weight: 244G (Without battery)    
  • Battery life: 20h continuous use(Alkaline batteries)

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