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طقم اكسسوار اداة متعددة الوظائف

طقم اكسسوار اداة متعددة الوظائف

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  • 1pcs BIM(M2) Segment saw blade, Dia.87mm(3-7/16″)
  • 1pcs Delta sanding Pad, size:80mm(3-1/8″)
  • 10pcs Aluminum-Oxide delta sandpaper for Wood, size:80mm(3-1/8″)
  • 1pcs CRV Radial flush-cut wood saw blade, size:34mm(1-5/16″)
  • 1pca Bi-Metal standard flush-cut metal sawblade, size:34mm(1-5/16″)
  • 1pcs Rigid scraper, size:50mm(2″)
  • Packed by double blister

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