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220V Automatic Eggs Incubator can Hatch 120 Chicken Eggs

220V Automatic Eggs Incubator can Hatch 120 Chicken Eggs

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  • Incubator cottage incubator for chicken eggs with automatic turner, turning eggs every two hours, you can also start the turner at any time.
  • Egg incubators can hatch 120 chicken eggs and there is 1 sink for good humidity regulation
  • Egg hatching for poultry hatching, built-in fan, low noise, fan assisted airflow/circulating air, uniform heating of fertilized eggs.
  • With a warm jacket, the egg incubator box saves energy and maintains temperature balance, so normal hatching in low temperature environments.
  • Versatile design: this incubator is suitable for hatching all poultry - chicken, ducks, geese, quail, birds, pigeon, etc. Transparent base for egg hatching visibility, perfect for incubation lessons and demonstrations

  • Suitable for multiple sizes of eggs
  • Simple operation thanks to automatic functions; Perfect for hobby and educational activities even from the farm, suitable for chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs and pigeon eggs


  • Material: new ABS
  • Input power: control board DC12V ± 10%, power adapter AC220V ± 10% 50HZ
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Output power: DC12V 3A
  • Temperature measuring range: 0.1°c-99.9°c
  • Ambient humidity: 《 85% RH
  • Best use ambient temperature: 15 °C -30 °C
  • Net weight: 3.42 lbs (1.55 kg)

Package includes:

  • 1 x egg incubator
  • 1 x power line
  • 1 x user manual

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