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8L Gas water heater /سخان

8L Gas water heater /سخان

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Gas water heater, also known as gas hot water boiler, refers to the gas as the main energy source, through the combustion of high-temperature heat generated by the gas and heat transfer to the cold water through the heat exchanger to achieve the purpose of preparing a hot water Utensils.

  • Copper pipes
  • Auto on / off
  • Instant heating of water within seconds
  • Digital screen
  • 8 liters of water per minute
  • does not need electricity
  • Very little gas consumption, even less than heating a water cooker
  • It works automatically when the water pump is opened only and turns off when it is closed
  • Instant heating, it takes no time to heat up the water


  • There are 5 safety protection systems:
  1. Automatically turns off every 20 minutes

  2. It turns off automatically when the water runs out

  3. It turns off automatically when the temperature rises

  4. It turns off automatically when the water pressure drops or increases suddenly

  5. There is an IC-ion sensor to stop the heater in case of any error

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