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ANENG AN-168 POR Digital Lithium Battery Tester

ANENG AN-168 POR Digital Lithium Battery Tester

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BT-168 PRO is an upgraded version of BT-168D, which adds the test function of lithium battery and its performance is more stable and reliable.


  • BT168 Pro Smart LCD Digital Battery Tester Electronic Battery
  • 9V 1.5V AA AAA Cell CD Battery Meter for Power Measure Checker
  • No batteries required to operate
  • Quick measurement of battery voltage
  • Digital display of test results
  • Portable, small and exquisite
  • Can be used to test the following battery size: 9V, type D, type C, AA, AAA, 18650,Li battery, button battery


  • Type: digital
  • Voltage range: 12V
  • Temperature range: 40℃
  • Internal resistance measuring range: 10mΩ
  • Product size: 110x60x20mm
  • Standard accessories: meter (no batteries required)


  • 9V battery test: put the battery into the two test holes Side.
  • Other battery types test: open the test arm, insert the battery test arm.



  • The result is displayed on the screen
  • Pay attention to the positive and negative pole before testing.

Note: This device doesn't include a battery.

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