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ANENG M469A Smart Network Cable Tracker

ANENG M469A Smart Network Cable Tracker

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RJ45 RJ11 LAN Cable Tester, Finder, Wire Tracker Receiver


  • Telephone line search
  • Network line search
  • Check the power cable line
  • Open the short circuit tests
  • DC voltage test
  • Low voltage warning 
  • The volume can be adjusted
  • Headest listening
  • Low voltage prompt function
  • Earphone function
  • Spotlight function
  • Volume adjustable function
  • Energy Saving

How to check the network cable:
1.Insert the RJ45 connectors at both end of the network cable to be tested into the corresponding ports of the transmitter and receiver respeectively.
2.Turn the function selector switch of the transmitter to the position of "test",and the "VERIFY" indicator lights up,indicating that the transmitter is working normally.
3.Judging the characteristics of short circuit,open circuit,open circuit and crossover according to the 18 sequence lights.
4.During the test,you can touch the "switch"button to switch between fast and slow. Using automatic scanning method,fast test,test the twisted pair 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,G by root(pair),and can distinguish which one (pair)out of order,short circuit,and open circuit,ect.

Note: This device doesn't include a battery.

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