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LM2577 Adjustable DC-DC Step Up Module

LM2577 Adjustable DC-DC Step Up Module

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DC-DC Boost converters step up the input voltage to a higher voltage while also stepping down the available current since the module can’t output more power than it inputs.

This LM2577 based DC-DC boost converter is adjustable and capable of outputting a voltage in the range of 5 – 56V with an allowable input voltage range of 3.5 – 35V.  The input voltage must be less than the output voltage.  The output power is limited to about 9- 40W depending on the input and output voltage settings. The LM2577 converter IC has current and thermal limiting and comes with a small heatsink applied.


  • LM2577 step-up converter IC with heatsink
  • Output voltage adjustment
  • Output current up to 2A
  • Input voltage range 3.5 to 35V
  • Output voltage range 5 to 56V
  • Power: 40W

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