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The DAC0800  (DAC0800LCN DAC0800L) series are monolithic 8-bit high-speed current-output digital-to-analog converters (DAC) featuring typical settling times of 100 ns. When used as a multiplying DAC, monotonic performance over a 40 to 1 reference current range is possible. The DAC0800 series also features high compliance complementary current outputs to allow differential output voltages of 20 Vp-p with simple resistor loads. The reference-to-full-scale current matching of better than ±1 LSB eliminates the need for full-scale trims in most applications while the nonlinearities of better than ±0.1% over temperature minimize system error accumulations.

The noise immune inputs of the DAC0800 series will accept TTL levels with the logic threshold pin, VLC, grounded. Changing the VLC potential will allow direct interface to other logic families. The performance and characteristics of the device are essentially unchanged over the full ±4.5V to ±18V power supply range; power dissipation is only 33 mW with ±5V supplies and is independent of the logic input states.


  • Fast settling output current: 100 ns
  • Full-scale error: ±1 LSB
  • Nonlinearity over temperature: ±0.1%
  • Full-scale current drift: ±10 ppm/˚C
  • High output compliance: −10V to +18V
  • Complementary current outputs
  • Interface directly with TTL, CMOS, PMOS, and others
  • 2 quadrant wide range multiplying capability
  • Wide power supply range: ±4.5V to ±18V
  • Low power consumption: 33 mW at ±5V

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