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GY-30 BH1750 Intensity Digital Light Sensor Module

GY-30 BH1750 Intensity Digital Light Sensor Module

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This is a BH1750FVI ( GY30 GY 30 GY - 30 / BH 1750 ) light intensity sensor module with built-in a 16 bit AD converter generating digital signal. The data from this module is light intensity in lx (lux meter). It communicates with the micro-controller board through I2C bus.


  • Working Voltage: 3.3V~6V
  • I2C bus Interface with 2 alternative address (f/s Mode Support)
  • Spectral responsibility is approximately human eye response
  • Wide range and High resolution (1 ~ 65535 lx)
  • Light source dependency is little. (ex. Incandescent Lamp, Fluorescent Lamp, Halogen Lamp, White LED, Sun Light)
  • Adjustable measurement result for influence of optical window (It is possible to detect min. 0.11 lx, max. 100000 lx by using this function.) (1 ~ 65535 lx)
  • The influence of infrared is very small.
  • Small measurement variation (+/- 20%)

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