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iBot Programming Education Car

iBot Programming Education Car

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Lafvin ibot programming education robot car is developed based on open-source arduino platform, this car is easy to install and does not require welding. every sensor modules can be expanded and used through the rj25 port. It supports graphical programming, you will learn how to get started with arduino platform and mixly block coding platform. you can achieve multiple decent experiments, such as, line tracking, automatic obstacle avoidance, bluetooth control.

Component List: 

  • 1pcs ibot control board
  • 1pcs car chassis
  • 2pcs motor
  • 2pcs wheel
  • 1pcs tracking module
  • 1pcs 18650 battery case
  • 1pcs acylic board
  • 1pcs universal wheel
  • 1pcs sg90
  • 1pcs ultrasound module
  • 1pcs bluetooth module
  • 1pcs remote control
  • 1pcs usb cable
  • 3pcs telephone cable 
  • 1pcs screwdriver 
  • 1pcs screw bag 
  • 1pcs tracking paper
  • 1pcs user manual

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