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Intelligent Turtle Car Learning Suite

Intelligent Turtle Car Learning Suite

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Intelligent Turtle Car Learning Suite is an educational and fun kit based on UNO R3 Control Board. It's designed for beginners and professionals to learn electronics, programming and robotics. It would be a best choice for every beginners to start the electronic journey.

Preferred Age?

Since this kit could be programmed by "Arduino Code" only we may say that's it is suitable for 9+ years old kids.

You can program your Car to perform any of the following functions:
  • Bluetooth
  • IR Control
  • Line Tracking
  • Obstacle Avoidance

What does this kit includes?
  • 2pcs Metal gear motor
  • 2pcs High quality tire
  • 2pcs motor fixed pieces
  • 1pcs universal wheel
  • 2pcs robot chassis
  • 1pcs L298N motor driver board
  • 1pcs uno r3
  • 1pcs sensor extension plate(with bluetooth sockets)
  • 1pcs Bluetooth module
  • 1pcs holder
  • 1pcs servo
  • 1pcs ultrasonic sensor module
  • 3pcs TCRT5000 tracing module
  • 1pcs infrared receiving sensor module
  • 1pcs remote(No battery)
  • 1pcs 18650 battery box(No battery)
  • 1pcs 18650 charger
  • 1pcs 40pin dupont line
  • 1pcs screw set

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