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KQ-130F Power Line Carrier Module

KQ-130F Power Line Carrier Module

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KQ-130F is a single-row 9-pin small-volume high-performance zero-crossing carrier data transceiver module. It is a cost-effective carrier module specially designed and developed for reliable transmission of data under 220V AC, strong interference, strong attenuation, and long-distance requirements. Suitable for meter reading, street lighting, smart home, fire protection, building control and other applications where power lines are required to transmit data.


  • Integrated KQ-330F module and peripheral circuit carrier board, no need for other coupling components, directly connected to 220V AC. The outer dimensions are 53×38×17 mm (L×D×H), and the single row of pins is led out.
  • The working frequency is 120~135KHZ, and the interface baud rate is 9600bps. The actual baud rate is 100bps, 250 bytes of the buffer.
  • Temperature range: -25 ° C ~ +70 ° C Humidity ≤ 90%
  • Power supply: DC +5V Receive: ≤11mA When transmitting: ≤300mA

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