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DC Motor Driver L293D (IC)

DC Motor Driver L293D (IC)

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L293D IC  is a typical Motor Driver IC which allows the DC motor to drive on any direction. This IC consists of  16-pins which are used to control a set of two DC motors instantaneously in any direction. It means, by using a L293D IC we can control two DC motors. As well, this IC can drive small and quiet big motors.

This L293D IC works on the basic principle of H-bridge, this motor control circuit allows the voltage to be flowing in any direction. As we know that the voltage must be change the direction of being able to rotate the DC motor in both the directions. Hence, H-bridge circuit using L293D ICs are perfect for driving a motor. Single L293D IC consists of two H-bridge circuits inside which can rotate two DC motors separately. Generally, these circuits are used in robotics due to its size for controlling DC motors.

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