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Multi-Functional 4WD Robot Car Chassis Kit Based on Arduino

Multi-Functional 4WD Robot Car Chassis Kit Based on Arduino

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LAFVIN robotic car learning kit is designed for beginners to learn Arduino programming and get hands-on experience on robot design and assembly.

You will learn the Line Tracking, Ultraviolet Obstacle Avoidance, IR Remote Control, Smart Car, you can also extend other functions on this robot platform.


As we mentioned above this kit could be controlled by phone or via remote control, but what about programing?

This kit is programmed using  "Arduino Code" via Arduino IDE Software.

Where can you find tutorials to build your house and start programming?

You may visit the official Lafvin website for tutorials.
Click here to view tutorial.

Preferred Age?

Since this kit could be programmed by "Arduino Code" we may say that's it is suitable for 9+ years old kids.

Component List:

  • 1pcs UNO R3
  • 1pcs USB cable
  • 1pcs V5.0 Expansion board
  • 1pcs L298N motor driver board
  • 1pcs Ultrasonic Sensor
  • 1pcs Ultrasonic holder
  • 1pcs Servo motor
  • 1pcs Servo motor fixed plate
  • 1pcs Bluetooth module
  • 3pcs Line tracking module
  • 4pcs Motor
  • 4pcs Wheel
  • 1pcs Remote
  • 1pcs IR Receiver Module
  • 1pcs Cell box
  • 1pcs Black tape
  • 2pcs Acrylic plates
  • 17pcs Copper cylinder
  • 8pcs M3*30mm
  • 3pcs M3*12mm
  • 15pcs M3*10mm
  • 34pcs M3*8mm
  • 4pcs M2*12mm
  • 4pcs M1.6*12mm
  • 4pcs Aluminium Block
  • 34pcs Nut
  • 9pcs Plastic shim
  • 1pcs 40pin F-F dupont wire
  • 1pcs Screwdriver
  • 4pcs Bunding belt
  • 1pcs Tutorial CD

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