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Portable Mini Air Compressor 12V 300PSI

Portable Mini Air Compressor 12V 300PSI

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  • Buggies, bicycles, motorcycles, canoes, balls, etc. Fast inflation, simple, convenient and practical (does not apply to trucks and trucks)
  • Multi-purpose car air pump can provide 300psi pressure inflation and measure tire pressure. It is very convenient to use.
  • The quality and workmanship are very exquisite and meet international standards.
  • When the tire of the road or field suddenly leaks air, the machine can perform its emergency function better.
  • Car tires can maintain the correct tire pressure at any time, saving gasoline and fuel to ensure driving safety.


  • Name: small air pump
  • Color: black
  • Size: 170*125*90mm
  • Material: ABS
  • Cable length: 2m
  • Size: 170*125*90mm
  • Weight: 610g


  • Unplug the cigarette lighter plug, directly plug it into the car cigarette lighter, start the car, turn on the air pump switch, after the air pump starts, plug the nozzle of the inflation hose directly into the tire valve, hear the air leaking from the tire when the sound is displayed, it means the air is circulating. Squeeze the air nozzle to inflate and the air will no longer leak out.
  • When inflating, the counter pointer rises with the saturation of the tire. When the pointer reaches the appropriate tire pressure (usually, the tire pressure of the car tire is 2.0KG/CM-2.6KG/CM), unplug the plug and air valve to complete the work.

Please use the professional ball needle, nozzle and air nozzle connected to this machine (tighten) to inflate balls and other inflatable equipment.

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