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Pulse Transformer PT 1:1:1

Pulse Transformer PT 1:1:1

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This transformer is 600 ohm: 600 ohm audio transformer, the impedance 600 ohm refers to the AC impedance, and the actual multimeter is a DC impedance, at about 100 ohm.
This type of transformer is 600:600 ohm audio transformer,  600:600 means that can be used in such a demand, the DC impedance is about 80 - 100 ohm.
Unbalanced to balanced conversion.

Use for: Telephone audio isolation; Telephone recording box;
1. When   Receiving DTMF signal or FSK caller ID, it can be use to isolate the noise.
2. It can be used on Audio or video signal circuit, power amplifier circuit, set-top boxes and other equipment to isolate noise.
3. When we are using the device, such as  Home theater, TV set-top boxes, car computer, their audio output often make some AC interference noise, there will be a horn AC noise, the reason is the common-ground. The ground of signal end and the ground of speaker amplifier end exist potential difference, and the AC noise is caused by the connection of both grounds, the better way is to apart them by using 1:1 audio coupling isolation transformer , thereby inhibiting the noise is caused by the common ground, and this kind of isolation has no effect on sound quality.


  • Frequency Range: 50Hz--100KHz
  • AC Impedance Ratio: about 600 : 600 ohm
  • Inductance: about 1.6H
  • Withstand Voltage: 1000V above.

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