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Pure Sine Wave Inverter Driver Board EGS002

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Driver Board EGS002

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The EGS002 is a board unit designed for single-phase pure sine wave inverters. Using a single-phase pure sine wave inverter dedicated chip EG8010 as the control chip, the IR2110S driver chip. EGS002 is an improved version of the EGS001 EGS001 interface that is compatible with the original. The EGS002 adds the locking function unit level to the original circuit, greatly increasing the board's anti-jamming capability. And increased the LCD display interface, easy to use display chip.
The EG8010 is a digital, fully functional, fully-sine wave inverter with dead-band control for DC-DC-AC two-stage power conversion architecture or DC-AC single-stage power supply transformer conversion impulse Architecture, 12 mhz crystal external oscillator, can achieve high accuracy, distortion and harmonics are very small 50 hz or 60 hz pure sine wave inverter ASIC. The chip uses CMOS technology, SPWM sine integrated internal generator, dead time control circuit, amplitude multiplier factor, soft-start circuit, protection circuit, RS232 serial communication interface and serial 12832 LCD driver module and other functions.


  • 5V single power supply
  • Pin set up four kinds of pure sine wave output frequency: fixed frequency 50 hz pure sine wave; 60 hz fixed frequency pure sine wave; 0-100 hz pure sine wave frequency is adjustable; 0-400 hz pure sine wave frequency is adjustable.
  • Unipolar and bipolar modulation
  • Comes with deadband control, pin set up 4 dead time: 300nS dead time, 500nS dead time, 1.0uS dead time, 1.5uS dead time
  • External 12MHz crystal oscillator
  • PWM carrier frequency 23.4KHz
  • Voltage, current, real time temperature feedback
  • Overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and overheating protection
  • Soft-start mode pin setting the response time of 1S
  • Serial communication to set the output voltage, frequency and other parameters External
  • External serial port 128 * 32 LCD module 1602 display the voltage, frequency, temperature and electric current of the inverter and other information


  • Single phase pure sine wave inverter
  • PV Inverter
  • Wind power inverter
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS System
  • Digital generator system
  • IF power
  • Single-phase motor speed controller
  • Single-phase inverter
  • Sine wave dimmer
  • Sine wave regulator
  • Sine wave generator

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