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Raspberry Pi 3 Ultimate Learning Kit

Raspberry Pi 3 Ultimate Learning Kit

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Packages contents:

1x Breadboard with 830 contacts
1x USB 4.0 Bluetooth receiver
1x 16GB SD Card
1x Acrylic Case
1x 5V 3A power supply
5x TACT pushbutton
1x Heatsink kit
1x PL2303 USB to TTL adapter cable
Dupont cables F-F, M-M, F-M
1x Coaxial Wire Stripper
1x 2.4Ghz Wireless Keyboard
1x RTL8188 Mini USB Wi-Fi Network Card
1x 40pin GPIO kit
1x USB Sound Card Audio Adapter
1x 65pcs Jumper Wires
1x USB Microphone
1x Extension Board Multifunction
1x Cooling Fan
1x Ethernet Cable
1x 4*4 Matrix Keypad
1x 1m HDMI cable
10x Yellow, Green, Red LEDs

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