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Smart Home House Kit STEM Programmable

Smart Home House Kit STEM Programmable

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This smart house has functions such as digital password door, automatic window closing when it rains, fire alarm and fan to extinguish fire, soil monitoring and other functions. You can control the house through An- droid APP and infrared remote control.

LAFVIN Smart Home Learning Kit uses ATmega328P chip as the main controller, with a variety of sensors. Such as soil moisture sensor, DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor, flame detection module and other common environmental detection sensors. The circuit connection of the kit adopts a standardized and easy-to-understand interface, provides 3D dynamic installation video, and supports Arduino IDE and graphical programming at the same time. The APP quickly connects with the low-power Bluetooth module to achieve rich wireless control functions. This learning kit is very useful for learners who are keen to explore electronic knowledge and programming.

What does this kit include?

As we mentioned above this kit could be controlled by phone or via remote control, but what about programing?

This kit may be programmed using "Mixly Code", which is graphical programming or scratch, and "Arduino Code", which is coded with the Arduino IDE Software.

Because of the coding flexibility, this kit may be implemented by both beginners and advanced users.

Where can you find tutorials to build your house and start programming?

You may visit the official Lafvin website for tutorials.
Click here to view tutorial.

Preferred Age?

Since this kit could be programmed by "Mixely Code" and "Arduino Code" we may say that's it is suitable for 6-14 years old kids.

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