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Ultra Basic Starter Kit for Arduino UNO(CH340) DIY Kit + Retail Box

Ultra Basic Starter Kit for Arduino UNO(CH340) DIY Kit + Retail Box

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  • Arduino Kit
  • Quantity and quality both matter in starter learning kits. At the heart of the kit is the controller and repetitive circuit program- ming.
    It contains the most fre- quently used basic components such as resistors, LED diodes, buttons and potentiometers, as well as a variety of common environmental detection sensor modules, such as sound, water level, soil, temperature, and humidity sensor modules. Whether your project is simple or slightly more complex, you'll find the right tools and materials in this kit.
    Low cost can also easily carry out various experiments, ideas and introductory learning.

    What programming software is required?

    Arduino IDE should be used to program the Arduino uno r3 microcontroller. 
    Simply, follow the steps mentioned in the tutorial  to download IDE.

    And remember that the above tutorial contains lessons and step by step experiments


    Preferred Age?

    Since this kit could be programmed by "Arduino Code" we may say that's it is suitable for 10+ years old kids.

    Component listing:


    • 5pcs Yellow LED
    • 5pcs Green LED
    • 5pcs Red LED
    • 1pcs RGB LED
    • 1pcs Thermistor
    • 1pcs Tilt Switch
    • 2pcs Photoresistor
    • 10pcs Male-to-Male Dupont Wire
    • 30pcs 3 Kinds of Resistor
    • 6pcs Button Switch
    • 1pcs Potentiometer(10K)
    • 1pcs Active Buzzer
    • 1pcs Passive Buzzer
    • 1pcs DHT11
    • 1pcs 1 digit 7-segment Display
    • 1pcs Water Level Detection Sensor Module
    • 1pcs Sound Sensor Module
    • 1pcs Soil Humidity Sensor
    • 1pcs Obstacle Avoidance Module
    • 1pcs USB Cable
    • 1pcs Breadboard
    • 1pcs R3 CH340


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    JeanLouis Sarkis

    Verry good