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Water Pressure Sensor

Water Pressure Sensor

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Water pressure sensors typically contain a physical diaphragm, often made of silicon, which bends as pressure is applied. The diaphragm is a strain gauge, which varies its electrical resistance when force is applied. This resistance is used to modify the output voltage of the sensor.


  • Wokring Voltage(VCC): DC 5±0.5V
  • Working Current: ≤10mA (DC 5V)
  • Output Voltage(Vout): DC 0.5~4.5V
  • Vout = VCC x (0.75 x P + 0.1), P is Pressure.
  • Working Pressure Rate Range: 0~1.2Mpa
  • Max. Pressure: 2.4Mpa
  • Destructive pressure: 3.0Mpa
  • Working Temperature: -20~+ 105℃
  • Storage Temperature: -20~+ 105℃
  • Measurement Accuracy: ±1.5%FS
  • Response Time: ≤2.0ms

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