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YRL7-63DC Circuit Breaker 16A/20A/25A/63A 2P 550V

YRL7-63DC Circuit Breaker 16A/20A/25A/63A 2P 550V

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YRL7-63 Solar system DC MCB, apply to rating current 63A or less, It is mainly used for the overloading and short circuit protection in DC distribution system equipment and electric equipment. It can be widely used in electric, post, traffic, mining enterprise and different kinds of fields.



Products features:

  • Thermoplastic shell, full inlet, impact resistant, recyclable, self-extinguishing.
  • Super safety: classic U tunnel terminal, to ensure that the line connection is solid and reliable
  • The original air flow, can effectively reduce the temperature between adjacent circuit breaker
  • Safety handle, classic original design, ergonomic
  • PV Series Circuit Breaker: New YRL7-63DC 2P
  • Frame degree rated current (A): 16A,20A,25A,63A
  • Rated operating voltage (V DC): DC 550V
  • Rated Current In (A): 16A/20A/25A/63A
  • Rated insulation voltage Ui (V DC): 2P-800V
  • Rated Impact voltage Uimp (kV): 6

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