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Max30102 Heart Rate Sensor Module

Max30102 Heart Rate Sensor Module

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A pulse oximeter measures blood oxygen saturation in the bloodstream. Because
oxygen saturation can reflect early medical problems such as heart and lungs, this
reading is useful as a general health monitoring indicator.

Its working principle is based on the absorption properties of hemoglobin in the
blood. Oxygenated hemoglobin absorbs more infrared light than red light, while
deoxyhemoglobin absorbs more red light than infrared light. Therefore, the red and
infrared LEDs in the oximeter alternately emit light, and the photodiode receives
an optical signal that is not absorbed. The ratio of red and infrared light received by
the photodiode is used to calculate the percentage of oxygen in the blood. Based on
the pulsating nature of the arterial blood flow, the pulse rate and intensity are also
determined and displayed during the measurement.


  • Tiny 14mm x 14mm (0.55in x 0.55in) Board Size
  • Low Power
  • Device Drivers
  • Free Algorithm
  • Example C Source Code For Arduino And embed Platforms
  • Test Data
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Highly-integrated, small-size sensor
  • Non-chest based heart-rate/SpO2 detection
  • Ultra-low power consumption

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