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طقم مفكات 100 قطعة

طقم مفكات 100 قطعة

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100 pcs screwdriver set


  • 8pcs Slotted screwdriver:SL3*75;SL4*100;SL5*75;SL5*100;SL5*125;SL6*100;SL6*150;SL8*150
  • 8pcs Phillips screwdriver:PH0*75;PH0*100;PH1*75;PH1*100;PH1*150;PH2*100;PH2*150;PH3*150
  • 3pcs Torx screwdriver:T10*100*3;T15*100*3.5;T20*100*4
  • 3pcs Pozidriv screwdriver:PZ0*100;PZ1*100;PZ2*100
  • 1pcs Screwdriver magnetic shank:7*100
  • 1pcs Scratch awl:3*75
  • 8pcs Precision screwdriver:SL1.5*50;SL2.5*50;PH000*50;PH00*50;PH0*50;T6*50;T8*50;T10*50
  • 60pcs Screwdriver bits: 2pcs SL3;2pcs SL4;3pcs SL5;3pcs SL6;2pcs SL7;2pcs PH0;3pcs PH1;3pcs PH2;2pcs PH3;2pcs PZ0;3pcs PZ1;3pcs PZ2;2pcs PZ3;1pcs H1.5;1pcs H2;1pcs H2.5;1pcs H3;2pcs H4;1pcs H5;1pcs H5.5;2pcs H6;2pcs T8;2pcs T9;2pcs T10;2pcs T15;2pcs T20;2pcs T25;2pcs T27;2pcs T30;2pcs T40
  • 2pcs Z-shaped two-way screwdriver:SL5*PH1;SL6*PH2
  • 6pcs 1/4″ Power sleeve:5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm,9mm,10mm
  • With 1 pcs plastic frame
  • Material:CR-V
  • Round blade
  • Packed by double blister

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